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hi im tom my wife Ann `re late 30's my wife went to take a shower, so I went out in the car my friend, Tony was walking past, so we have a talk, I asked him if he wanted to ban a box so we went in. sat chatting and drinking in the room, my wife came wrapped in a towel only, oh, I said I did not know I had company, I said ` Tony in a minute, so I sat on the floor so I could massage her back, as I do almost every night, after your massage for five minutes I said I wanted a couple of doses, said Tony could lead to a massage if you do not mind I said leave, so she turned to him on all fours, putting their arms in the legs and head in his arms, I found a second a few minutes he had his head in her lap and rubbed her back with one hand I see the towel had been loosened, who come to her beautiful pink pussy knelt behind her, sliding his hand down the crack of her ass was on his lips pssy Tony and ftotal ring of her as I slid my cock into her wet pussy finger has done zip undone and sucked hard after a few minutes began to cum all over his face penguinvids approached her shortly after the hearing by its cover of sperm in Tony. I pulled her pussy wet with my cum dripping from neglect. sat at the sentence in the towel and lay down again tony in the floor between his legs was up on his shoulders and began to lick her pussy dry, knelt beside me and put my hard cock in her mouth and slid his cock tony in the penguinvids pussy and started fucking penguinvids her penguinvids fast and hard, watching this made me cum in your mouth and hold in the face tony t ` I could not see me cum that shot his load on her again as she pulled her lips kissed , then all the way up her pussy and licked her dry again to clean up. Tony said he could not `t believe that my wife had penguinvids thrown just told me not to be the last time because we enjoy it, we said goodbye and went to bed fuck back again with the idea of ​​Tony 's cock in it, was wet............... ps, didn `t the last time most of these
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